NovaScan is Awarded Two More Patents, Further Protecting Company Innovations

Posted September 5th, 2020 by NovaScan 

NovaScan, a clinical stage oncology company based in Chicago and Milwaukee, was recently awarded patents for electrical scanning across tissue and for leverage of Cole frequency measurements to predict the likelihood of cancer recurrence.

Patent No. 10,758,151 is a utility patent that covers utilization of Cole relaxation impedance frequency techniques. Specifically, NovaScan is using these techniques to detect cancerous cells in excised tissue samples. With NovaScan’s technology one can scan across tissue to not only identify the presence of cancer, but can also locate precisely where cancerous tissue starts and stops within the tissue. These coordinated capabilities are critical in many applications, such as the use of MarginScan, NovaScan’s skin cancer product. NovaScan has filed in many countries around the globe. A patent similar to U.S. patent No. 10,758,151 was granted to NovaScan in Australia earlier this year.

NovaScan CEO, Craig Davis states, “This patent is important for NovaScan in that it protects the company’s ability to scan across tissue. It further differentiates MarginScan but should be helpful in other applications as well. As we build out the platform, we see a number of applications that require not only the detection, but also location of cancer and precancerous lesions.”

NovaScan was also granted U.S. Patent No. 10,736,536, a utility patent that covers the technology’s abilities to predict recurrence and prognosis of cancer cells using Cole frequency impedance techniques. The Cole frequency rises as cancer develops andas cancer becomes more aggressive. The company sees additional uses of NovaScan’s technology beyond cancer detection. They believe NovaScan provides a unique method prognostic stratification that can be performed at the point of care.

Davis adds, “We are so pleased that these patents have been issued! NovaScan continues to generate intellectual property at an increasing rate. We anticipate an increasing number of filings in coming years as the company continues productizing its technology.”