NovaScan welcomes Dr Charles Link to lead efforts in targeted drug delivery and to the NovaScan Board of Directors

Posted January 15th, 2020 by NovaScan 

NovaScan, an emerging clinical stage oncology company, is pleased to announce that Charles ‘Chuck’ Link MD, FACS has joined the Board of Directors of NovaScan. Dr Link is also a member of the NovaScan Executive Committee. Additionally, Chuck will lead NovaScan’s initiative in drug delivery.

Previous to NovaScan, Chuck was the CEO and founder of NewLink Genetics, a biopharmaceutical company that discovered, developed and commercialized novel immuno-oncology product candidates, including checkpoint inhibitors and cellular immunotherapies. At its peak, NewLink had a market cap in excess of $1.3 Billion. Dr Link is also currently President and Chief Medical Officer of ImmunSys, an immunotherapy company that has developed a novel platform therapy to treat metastatic cancer.

NovaScan is unique in that its technology platform for point of care cancer detection and stratification only requires an electrode set to be located proximal to areas of suspected cancer. These electrodes can be so small that they can be mounted on an injecting needle, and can then be used to confirm that the needle is in a tumor when a drug is released. Local injection – which is typically done under imaging – is important for a large number of oncology treatments. Imaging is imperfect and errors in dosing invariably results. Through electrical validation that the needle is in the tumor, NovaScan believes its technology can improve drug delivery and in many cases patient outcomes.

“We are extremely fortunate to attract someone of Dr Link’s caliber.” remarked NovaScan CEO Craig Davis. “Our internal team is focused on our device initiatives in skin and in other areas with our strategic partners. We don’t have anyone with a deep oncology drug background to drive initiatives in this area. Dr Link, is a giant in the field and we look forward to working with him. The opportunity is simply tremendous there.”

“I’m excited to engage with NovaScan” commented Dr Charles Link. “Their cancer detection technology has tremendous potential in targeted drug delivery. I look forward to helping them capitalize on the opportunity in front of them.”

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