NovaScan and Dr Paul Grippo Receive Competitive Award for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Feb 7, 2024

February 7, 2024 Chicago, IL: NovaScan, a clinical stage oncology company based in Chicago, today announced that a collaboration with Dr Paul Grippo, Associate Professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, has been awarded the Rick Carone Pancreatic Cancer Research Grant.

The Rick Carone Grant is a competitive grant that is awarded annually by Project Purple, a leading non-profit organization focused on advancing the early detection and curative treatment of pancreatic cancer. This grant covers the cost of the research project and support of a young academic researcher in pancreatic cancer.

NovaScan has been collaborating with Dr Grippo for several years, and this work has been presented in poster sessions in multiple medical conferences. The Carone Grant was awarded for a proposed murine and clinical observational study to demonstrate that the Cole Relaxation Frequency increases substantially as pancreatic cells transition from normal to pre-cancerous to cancer.

“I am convinced that a pressing need in pancreatic cancer research is demonstration of an effective modality to detect this disease before symptoms appear.” remarked Dr Grippo. “NovaScan’s CRF technology, combined with endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), shows great promise in doing this. Our end goal is to increase early detection of pancreatic cancer in high risk populations, so that intervention can occur earlier when lives can be saved.”

“Our collaboration with Dr Grippo has been quite fruitful.” noted NovaScan’s Medical Liaison Martina Guidetti, Ph.D. “We continue to develop compelling evidence that CRF increases dramatically as we transition from normal to precancer to pancreatic cancer. Our strong conviction is that when NovaScan’s cancer detection technology becomes part of the standard of care, it will reduce treatment costs and save lives.”

About the University of Illinois College of Medicine: The University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago is renowned for its pioneering medical research, fostering innovation and scientific discovery. With cutting-edge facilities and a diverse student body, UICOM provides an environment where future physicians are prepared to excel in advancing healthcare and addressing the needs of underserved communities.

About NovaScan: Based in Chicago, NovaScan ( is a clinical stage oncology diagnostic and stratification company that has developed a low cost, point of care platform for real time cancer detection and stratification. NovaScan’s platform is active in GI, lung, skin, and breast.