Cole Relaxation Frequency

Impedance has long history in cancer detection – with decidedly mixed results. Impedance is a mathematically complex calculation with real and imaginary components. Although impedance values do vary with the presence of cancer, they also vary with mass and other variables.

Many companies have combined additional measurements with impedance in order to improve accuracy. In some cases this has marginally improved results, but has also added expense, size and complexity. Moreover, the results still aren’t great.

NovaScan is the first and only company to identify a single parameter, the Cole relaxation frequency, that is several orders of magnitude different for cancerous and non cancerous tissue. The Cole relaxation frequency does not vary with mass, and there is virtually no overlap between cancerous and benign tissue. NovaScan has recently combined Cole Frequency assessments with machine learning on other elements of spectral impedance to improve accuracy even further. The result is a broadly applicable, extremely accurate platform solution for cancer detection that is exceptionally low cost and not size constrained.

NovaScan. Better science, better cancer detection