Platform Technology

At its core, NovaScan’s Cole relaxation frequency measurement technology is a platform technology that can be used to detect a wide variety of cancerous conditions. The technology has a number of advantages over alternatives:

  • Size: Not size constrained. Only the electrodes, which can be smaller than 1 mm, need to be proximal to tissue. Other product elements — including the electronics and screen and UI — can be located where it is best for the physician.
  • Sensitivity and Specificity: NovaScan’s clinical results indicate exceptional sensitivity and specificity, with very few false positives. The results are unmatched by alternatives.
  • Speed: The current device can measure within seconds, providing rapid assessments of cancer.
  • Cost: The technology is principally software, and it does not require expensive capital equipment. NovaScan’s approach is the low cost solution for local cancer detection.
  • Predictive: NovaScan’s technology not only informs on the presence of cancer, but also stratifies cancer based on likelihood of aggressiveness and predisposition for metastasis. In this context, it acts as a point of care genetic test that can be broadly applied.