Dr Amit Mehta to Advise NovaScan

Aug 10, 2022

Dr Amit Mehta to Advise NovaScan on Ex Vivo Scanning Product

NovaScan, an emerging oncology company based in Chicago, has announced that Dr Amit Mehta will guide NovaScan on the development of its ex vivo offerings for both gastroenterology and pulmonology. Dr Mehta is a practicing interventional radiologist, NovaScan board member, and Builders.vc general partner. He completed residency at Harvard Medical School where he also completed a fellowship in Minimally Invasive Guided Surgery. Earlier in his career, Dr Mehta founded Intrinsic Imaging, which was acquired in 2021 by WCG. Amit leads Builders.vc healthcare practice.

We are grateful for Dr Mehta’s assistance with our ex vivo GI product.” remarked NovaScan CEO Craig Davis. “His guidance and direction is already making an impact. Rapid and accurate interoperative cancer detection is a substantial problem in several areas of GI. We think we can address this problem quickly, accurately and inexpensively with our ex vivo tool. It’s a big deal. “

NovaScan’s believes that its cancer detection technology is unmatched in terms of cost size, speed or accuracy. Lesions are extremely heterogeneous, and locating cancer within is problematic in many areas of medicine. An ex vivo product offers the oportunity to help endoscopists in several areas of GI in making cancer assessments. Much faster and less resource intensive than ROSE, NovaScan’s technology should be helpful to clinicians.

“NovaScan has made a strategic decision to emphasize the ex vivo assessment device at the forefront of its emerging surgical platform.”, remarked Dr Metha. “We believe that a simple, straightforward device that provides guidance to clinicians on the presence of cancer can be used either alone or in conjunction with forthcoming in vivo products.”

About NovaScan

Based in Chicago, NovaScan is a clinical stage oncology company that has developed and is productizing a platform technology for point of care cancer detection and stratification. NovaScan has compelling in data in skin, lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. Further information can be found at www.novascaninc.com