NovaScan Announces Launch of its nsCanary™ Lung Trial at University of Chicago

Aug 1, 2023

Principal Investigator Dr Kyle Hogarth will lead the trial

August 1, 2023, Chicago, IL – NovaScan, a clinical stage oncology company based in Chicago, announced that it has received IRB approval to commence a clinical trial involving lung cancer and the nsCanary™ device. The trial will be conducted at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The principal investigator is Dr Kyle Hogarth MD FCCP, Professor of Medicine and Director of Bronchoscopy at the University of Chicago.

NovaScan’s nsCanary™ device is intended to assist physicians making decisions on the presence of cancer in biopsy excisions. Lung lesions are often extremely heterogeneous, especially in distal areas where robotic bronchoscopy is often focused. nsCanary™ provides clinicians with real time feedback on the presence of pathologically relevant amounts of cancer in biopsy excisions, and does so without materially compromising workflow. nsCanary™ is a low cost device that doesn’t take up significant space in the operating room. It is also easy to use, and clinicians can learn to use it in just minutes.

“We think that nsCanary™ has the potential to become standard of care in eBus and robotic bronchoscopy procedures.” remarked NovaScan CEO Craig Davis. “Realtime feedback should make both procedures and pathology more productive. We are further thrilled to be working with Dr Hogarth, a highly regarded luminary who is exceptionally active with new bronchoscopic technologies. He holds a prominent role in the specialty, and he is terrific to work with.”

“I’m excited to be working with NovaScan.” noted Dr Hogarth. “I think their low-cost real-time cancer detection technology has great promise in interventional pulmonology procedures.”

The trial commences this week, and should continue across the fall. Up to 200 patients are anticipated.

About NovaScan: Based in Chicago, NovaScan ( is a clinical stage oncology diagnostic and stratification company that has developed a low cost, point of care platform for real time cancer detection and stratification. NovaScan’s platform is active in lung, breast, skin, and GI.