NovaScan Announces the Launch of a Human GI trial for its nsCanary™ Cancer Detection Device

Jan 10, 2023

Jan 9, 2023, Chicago, IL – NovaScan, a clinical stage oncology company based in Chicago, announced that it has started a human GI clinical trial for its nsCanary™ device at Texas International Endoscopy Center (TIEC), led by Principal Investigator Isaac Raijman MD. This trial will include 200 patients across several clinical areas, including upper and lower gastrointestinal lumen, pancreas and biliary tract. It is anticipated that the trial will collect the data by the Spring of 2023.

nsCanary™ is a compact, low-cost ex vivo device designed to help clinicians make real time cancer determinations. First, nsCanary™ will help clinicians determine whether cancer is present in tissue acquired via endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsy (EUS FNB), tissue acquired via biopsy forceps or tissue acquired via polypectomy snare. Secondarily, nsCanary™ should also help clinicians determine if there is sufficient cancer in a sample to make a histological assessment.  Collectively, NovaScan sees these as significant issues in the realm of tissue acquisition, particularly pancreatobiliary tissue, and further believes that resolving these issues can make procedures more productive and less expensive, as well as expediting tissue diagnosis, and therefore patient management.

“Having the capability of tissue definition during live endoscopic procedures utilizing a non-intrusive method, with results within seconds and without affecting the workflow of the procedure will be tremendous in expediting patient management and overall care.” noted Dr. Isaac Raijman.

Located in the Texas Medical Center, TIEC is a leading ambulatory endoscopy center that is majority owned by US Surgical Partners. TIEC is unique in that it provides both ERCP and EUS intervention in an ambulatory endoscopy center.

“NovaScan is thrilled to be working with Dr Raijman in completing this trial.” remarked NovaScan CEO Craig Davis. “Our initial pancreatic data is excellent, and we are confident that we will clearly demonstrate that we can help clinicians determine if cancer or even pre-cancerous lesions are present, within seconds and without the need for expensive, bulky capital equipment that is difficult for clinicians to learn how to use. We are further thrilled to be working with such a highly regarded, luminary physician such as Dr Raijman in doing so. Isaac provides fantastic insight and tremendous credibility. We look forward to publishing together.”

About NovaScan: Based in Chicago, NovaScan ( is a clinical stage oncology diagnostic and stratification company that has developed a low cost, point of care platform for real time cancer detection and stratification. NovaScan’s platform is active in lung, breast, skin, and GI.