NovaScan’s Les Bogdanowicz Invited to Present Results at CHEST Annual Meeting

Aug 17, 2022

NovaScan, an emerging oncology company based in Chicago, announced that CTO Les Bogdanowicz, PhD has been invited to present the results from a recent study at CHEST Annual Conference, held from October 16-19, in Nashville TN.

Dr Bogdanowicz will discuss the results of a recent NovaScan study in a presentation entitled Cole Relaxation Frequency: A Parameter to Assess Lymph Node Status in Patients with Lung Cancer. During this study, the NovaScan team evaluated excised lymph nodes in patients with non small cell lung cancer, comparing these results to those obtained from subsequent pathology. The Principal Investigator in this trial was Dr David Demos of Aurora St Lukes Medical Center. The CRF assessment was completed by NovaScan CTO Les Bogdanowicz PhD, Medical Liason Martina Guidetti PhD, and Engineer Alex Grycuk.

“It is an honor to present in the CHEST rapid fire session.” remarked Dr Bogdanowicz. “Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. Improving the detection of lung cancer in lymph nodes has the potential to save lives. We look forward to the presentation.”

“ The NovaScan NoduleScan technology excites me. I can see the potential for this for rapid assessment in both open and minimally invasive procedures.” noted Dr Guidetti.

Alex Gyrcuk remarked “Only electrodes, which can be a milimeter or smaller, are required to touch tissue. In many ways NovaScan’s technology is ideal for lymph node assessment.”

NovaScan has completed studies in numerous types of tissue including skin, lung, breast and pancreas. The company’s previous peer reviewed publication in lung can be found here.

About NovaScan

Based in Chicago, NovaScan is a clinical stage oncology company that has developed and is productizing a platform technology for point of care cancer detection and stratification. NovaScan has compelling in data in skin, lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. Further information can be found at